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I posted a thread about this same situation a long time ago, but I still need help deciding. My machine is a gateway DX-4300 15E. My PSU is 300W, the model is Liteon PS-5301-08HA. I want to upgrade my Graphics card, currently an Low Profile ATI 5570, but I honsetly don't know which power supply to choose, and since i've never worked with PSUS before, I'm worried it won't fit. My budget is 50-100, I just want something that can support a 125$ graphics card stabily without breaking.
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    Since it is a desktop tower (not slim model) any ATX power supply will work.

    Depending on which GPU you want the PSU I would recommend will differ. Assuming you only want an 6850 (or equivalent, so one PCI-E input needed) this will do fine.
    If you want a better GPU then you need two PCI-E power connectors (6870) and would need this.
  2. This Antec is well respected (and what I use powering a GTS 250). Toms uses it in a number of their $500 builds (powering 6850s).
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