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Which of these two PCs are better?

Basically I'm looking for a LOW-PRICED PC that I can buy because I'm on a tight budget. So I've lowered it to choices that I see right here.

I'm asking which one of the two would be the overall better PC, and I'm planning on using it for gaming.

[NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HARDCORE GAMING - I know they aren't the PCs that can handle new games at high settings]

Also, don't suggest saving money to get a different video card or something because I can only buy it already built, I'm not building the PC:

Anyways, here are the two choices that I've found:

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  1. Get the 1st choice its cheaper , better performance than the 2nd

    better cpu and gpu
  2. Is there a difference between one having:

    8GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory
    8GB DDR3 DRAM system memory

    Also: The ATI GPU is better? I've been getting mixed answers from other sources.

    But from what you've told me, the first choice is better?

    For price it doens't matter, I'll get any of the two.
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    Go for the first one (cheaper of the two). The HD 6450 is the better GPU of the two and so is the Athlon x2 270. The difference in RAM wont make any performance difference.
  4. Alright, thank you'll for the information!
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