CPU OSD In Games

I've found tons of these online. But all the methods are all either aged or fail to work. The 2 links below are the two main ones I've tried and have a question about.

ATi tray tools fails, wasn't expecting it to work honestly without giving me an error message. The RivaTuner plugin is over 3 years old and my concern is it overwrites the 3 files already located in MSI Afterburner (RTCore.dll, RTConfig.cfg, and something else).

I'm using Afterburner 2.2.0 Beta 14. Are there any up to date CPU Temperature OSD pugins or something for Afterburner or would work directly with it? Would that Rivatuner one, even though it overwrites files, not screw up Afterburner for me in any way? All I'm interested in is the CPU temperature, not the load or frequency.

Thanks for the help :wahoo:
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  1. Just get hw monitor and play the game etc. it will display the highest temp and lowest temp.
  2. I used to use HWMonitor back in the day since PC Probe is inaccurate as all hell.

    Anyhow, found a program that works exactly as I'd want, along with Afterburner ingame.

    Thanks for the reply anyhow.
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