Can my power supply run this card? EVGA 560 fermi
is the gfx card

is the power supply.

The card indicates it needs a 400 W power supply with 24 min A at +12v. Somebody told me that because it has 2 +12v rails both at 19A that it counts as 38A or something and will run the card. I dunno if that makes any sense. Something about a 6 pin and a 4 pin too?

In otherwords...will that power supply work for the vid card? Sorry to sound so noobish.
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  1. Yes, it will. I believe it's not 38A, you can't just add the two numbers up but it is enough anyway. The psu has two 6 pins so that's ok to. Rosewill ain't the best of psu's tho but you'll be fine for that gpu. Btw ; for a couple of bucks more you can have the ti version. ( Ti is better ! )
  2. dont buy rosewill PSU's, go with a reliable brand like Antec, Seasonic, XFX or PCP&C. Thermaltake Toughpower are also good psu's but the rest of thermaltakes range are mediocore like rosewill.
  3. i already have the psu and i am definetly planning to upgrade in the near the next 2 months at the it a bad idea to run the vid card in the mean time...until I can get the better PSU?
    btw i am considering upgrading to this PSU when the time comes

    thanks again for the advice!
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