Diffrent ram speeds with olmost completely same models of ram

so i bought another 2gb ram stick and in cpu=z one stick is showed as pc3-10700 ram and another as pc3-10700h so i failed at picked right ram modules for proper working or need to set up something in bios ??? ,and speeds are diffrent speeds are
jedec1-457 jedec2-533 jedec3-609 jedec4-685 ,(slot1) pc3-10700

jedec1-444 jedec2-518 jedec3-592 jedec4-666 slot2) pc3-10700h
i am running core 2 duo e6300 1.86ghz overclocked at 2.05ghz my fsb =1172~
would be cool to make them same frequency or atleast increase frequency of both if dat would be stable increase in performance
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  1. any help ????? both ram are DDR3 Patriot 2GB 1333MHz CL9
  2. question 1 diffrence between pc3-10700 and pc3-10700h ram modules ?
    question 2 is diffrent ram speeds in dual channel mode deosn't effect performance ?
    question 3 can i somehow set equal speeds to both ram modules ?
    question 4 does ram timing changing can increase performance in my case ?

  3. why so ignorant ....
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