Intel 3930k
Asus x79 Sabertooth
Corsair 1866 mhz 4 GB x 6 (vengeance 9-10-9-27)
Nvidia 570 GTX asus
1000 watt high power
Corsair H80 cooling
1 tb WD cavier black sata3


The newly acquired computer parts which is seen above the text by me has caused subtential problems. The computer freezes when using cpu either full performance or standart performance, it doesnt matter
Especially after overclock freezing happens frequently. Motherboard and rams all went to the techinicalservice and replaced the new ones 3 times but problem still continues

I used amd x8 before this system and i still usedsame rams same power supply same case etc. but only freezes when i used it with intel motherboard and cpu. No freezes in amd x8 but in intel i7 cpu and motherboard it always freezes stopped working.
You see my my sttings below , Did I make something wrong in settings, or .I make another setting. Could you help me

PS: I eject all parts of the computer seperately to try cpu ( voicecard-usbs-fans....) but problem still continues. I dont think any of parts of the computer is malfunction because it worksperfectly in AMD cpu and motherboard. I update all bios, I sent intel parts 3 times to the service and they found no problem. I use corsair h80 for COoling system so heat is not issue)
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  1. From the 1st image the cpu is in 3.2GHz and from 5th one you can see the temps that are over 50 degree with the h80. That why the temp will be well over and computer will freeze. CUP idle temps should be at low 30°C with h80.

    You need reset the cooler.
  2. 3,2 ghz cpu idle temp 30-35 C

    cpu high usage %100 temp 55-60 C
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