Acer aspire t180 mb upgrade

hello all im wanting to upgrade my acer aspire t180 i currently have a amd x2 64 5000+ 4gb ddr2 400mhz ram
geforce gt240 ddr3 1gb windows 7 32bit home premium 520watt psu i last upgraded this in 2009 but im now wanting a new motheroard with ddr3 ram and a ivory bridge core i3 3rd generation and need to know what motherboard can fit my tower if any can of course and also be able to upgrade to a i5 or i7 in the future any help would be great as games are starting to get very slugish now

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  1. Micro atx boards should fit your acer case; here's one: $87 shipped
    This board will work with several brands of ddr3:
  2. thanks great but am i able to use a ivory or sandy bridge core i3?
  3. Yes. The B75 chipset can run either cpu; it also comes with sata III and usb 3.0 support as standad. Check the "cpu support" list of any board before you order. The h61 chipset boards are cheaper, but may require a bios flash with a sandy bridge cpu before you can run ivy bridge.
  4. ah bios updates are to tricky for me i messed a previous mobo up last time but my hdd is satta 2 i think 2006 it was made ??? any ideas if i can use old hdd on the board

  5. You don't need to update the bios to use your old hardrive if it's sata II; but you will need a new windows coa unless you already have an oem copy of windows 7. If your board is ide, then it might be an issue; some newer boards don't come with an ide port.
  6. um i dont know what those mean i had windows xp but then upgraded to windows 7 at a pc shop my sata 2 will work with sata 3 board and my pci e x16 2.0 gfx they will work with pci e 3.0 i have looked already but how do i go about the thing with microsoft i have to contact them when i put the new board in i think and tell them what i have done i think ??? i have no discs or nothing like that just the serial code for my wins 7 but the board is 45 pound in the uk so i will get it if it will fit and a core i3 3220 ivy bridge which is 88 pound in the uk also so not to pricey so will this board fit the t180 acer aspire tower
    also the current motherboard is foxcon mcp61 nvidia chipset southbridge if its any help
    any help thanks
  7. I use the same model number but mine is B3. You may need a bios flash for ivy bridge cpus with this board; all depends on what bios version it has. It's impossible to tell ahead of time. The board won't work if the bios is the wrong version; that's why I recommended the other board. The other newer chipset is H77, which might be a few dollars cheaper than the B75. Your pc shop should be able to flash the bios if the board doesn't post, but I don't know what they would charge. Microsoft may not help you with getting a new coa. If yours is oem (installed by acer) then they probably won't.
  8. ah ok i have had a previous board flashed it was 10 pound so it was cheap and the same shop installed windows 7 i just wanted that board as it was in the uk but u can confirm that it will fit any micro atx boards i will be happy just thats the only part that is confusing weather it will fit or not i can get it flashed no problem if i have to i will see if i can get the board you recommended in the uk but will the computer shop be able to do the windows thing it is a microsoft certified shop

    any help thanks
  9. will this work its the same socket and 3rd gen ready (intel h77) (1155 socket) the one you showed me is not available in the uk i see what you mean about the windows i will ask the shop what it is if i can put it in a new motherboard

    any help thanks
  10. That board should run the 3220 without flashing the bios. Good luck.
  11. thanks for the help much appreciated also will my psu 520watt plug straight in i dont need specific psu for that board do i ?
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