New build, and I'm pulling my hair out!

So after a month of ordering parts here and there, I finally completed the construction of my new rig.

Asus P9X79 Deluxe motherboard
i7-3960X processor with intel thermal solution water cooler
16gb quad channel G.Skill RAM 2133
dual 580GTX's in sli
dual Corsair 240gb SSD's (configured in RAID0 and connected to SATA 6gb ports)
AX1200 Corsair psu
Plextor DVD/BluRay burner PX LB950SA
Win7 Ultimate 64bit

After assembling everything and setting the bios (to the best of my ability, this is my second build and I'm still wet behind the ears), I've managed to make it to STEP 1 of installing the operating system!! That is to say I clicked the "install now" button.

Immediately an error message appears.... A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disc, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now.

Now, I attempted to download the driver from Plextors website (using a second computer), and in all honesty I can't be sure if I even did this correctly. This is an .exe file that I saved to a flashdrive, then to a DVD. I extracted the files to each. (or at least thought I did)

First I inserted the flashdrive into the new build and selected "browse".The flash drive wasnt recognized. All that I'm allowed to select is a drive icon labeled Boot (X: ). I attempted the same process with the driver on a DVD with the same conclusion.

The optical drive is connected to a SATA3 on the mobo. It appears that it's not giving me the option to search for the driver anyplace except that Boot (X: ). What am I m issing here guys? Why doesn't win7 Ultimate recognize the drivers for my optical?

I hopr someone has a solution to this problem. Im pulling my hair out!

Thank You.
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  1. Try installing Windows from USB ( and after the installation complete install driver for DVD
  2. did you select your odd as the boot drive or gave it priority over hdd?
  3. yes. i havent tried installing windows from a flashdrive yet. was hoping there might be an additional solution.
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