Best gaming router for under 100 bucks

Need to know the best gaming router for under 100 bucks. Currently just have a 30 dollar trendnet. Works but I notice major fluctuations if I'm gaming and my wife is browsing the internet. Need QoS and supports a good amount of sessions. I don't have the fastest internet (2mb over wireless) I live out in the country but I want to eliminate my router as a possible culprit for latency.

Looked at the WNDR3400-100NAS but didn't find anything mentioning QoS.

D-Link - Xtreme N Wireless-N Gigabit Router DIR-655

Honestly when they say gaming router I don't think it matters as long as it supports multiple sessions and has QoS so I can specify what traffic gets priority. Any suggestions would be helpful. Unfortunately I only have gift cards to bestbuy otherwise I would get it through newegg
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  1. do they carry the Linksys E2000 or E3000 (might be more then $100)
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