Defective 3pin plug in FAN connector on mobo

Can someone please advice. I have a dell dimension 4400 desktop and i notice the cpu fan had stop spinning so i had it replaced but still did not spin. i had my husband test the connector on the MOBO but the pin that supports the black wire he said was dead. i really like this computer and would be so glad if someone can advice how to solve this issue. i am a newbie to solving these issues now learning. PLEASE HELP!!
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  1. The black wire should be ground, just run a trace from the fans black wire pin to any other ground, like one from a molex maybe
    Or measure the fan and buy a replacement,
  2. you can run the fan off a molex if you like, just get a 3pin to molex adapter...
    the only issue is the cpu fan will then run at max speed all the time... which in most cases isnt a problem unless its particularly noisy.

    also as you hubby is able to spot a dead connection its likely he knows how to use a soldering iron... get him to check the solder on the pin and retrace it back and soler any dry joints on the way that seem suspect...
    dont use a soldering iron over 25w though as it will likely damage the board. this is potentially dangerous to your motherboard so do it at your own risk.
  4. hi guys i got the 3pin to 4pin adapter i connected it to the 4pin adapter and believe me i was stuck with the cpu fan in my hand did't know what to do. this is a real test of endurance. please Help.
  5. The fan is not working even plugged into the Psu?
    I would suspect that the fan is dead then,
  6. the adapter came with a 3pin that cannot be plugged into cpu fan, it like putting 2 dummies to each other. i hope u understand what i am saying

    is the type of adaptor you would want, the block from the cpu fan plugs onto the pins, and the molex block plugs into the molex from the Psu,
    do you have a picture of the fan and adaptor we could see?
  8. thank u so much. this is exactly what i should have gotten must have the male and female 3pin. will keep u posted about my progress.
  9. No problem, Glad to help and I'll keep an eye out for updates :)
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