My keyboard won't work. please help me ...

I am sorry.
My problem is very bad because i don't know my keyboard is damage or my motherboard.
my text meaning is motherboard don't detect my keyboard. I test all USB ports and PS2 ports(on my case) with other keyboards but they weren't work. When i turn on my PC my keyboard's LED turn on and turn off but when i want press F1 to load OS my keyboard weren't work.

Please help me.
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  1. Please kindly let us know which ECS motherboard model which you have issue. Thanks!
  2. My MB Model and issue:

    945PT-A2/1333 v:1.1

    plz help me...
  3. My PC worked fine. but this problem dos not allow to load Os. Because i most press F1 to load OS but now my keyboard does not work.
  4. Help me please...

    I cannot go to BIOS setup.
  5. Please try to clear the CMOS jumper on the motherboard. It it stil doesn't work, you may need to test the motherboard outside te case. Grounding issue may cause the problem.
  6. Thank you.But the problem remains.
    I clear my motherboard CMOS but keyboard weren't work.

    Now i search other ways. Please help me ...
  7. Did you test the motherboard outside the case?
  8. No.
    But i test motherboard's ports with other keyboards.But the problem remains.
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