What motherboard to buy ?

I've had bad luck with motherboards on my first build.

1st motherboard whoch was Asud P8Z77-V died after 2 weeks. 2nd was more of less DOA(No display)

So can anyone suggest me a motherboard. Budget is £150 max. Wifi is prefered but I don't mind cutting the budget to add a usb wifi dongle.

I might have been unlucky with 2 bad board from Asus, but I don't want to go with another board from them.

Rest of specs:
I5 3570k
8gb corsair RAM
Antec TP 750w
Gtx 670
NZXT phantom

Thanks in advance
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  1. I've bought z67 AsRock and now z77 AsRock micro atx and I didn't have problem with them. I had Asus 775 motherboard back in the day and it didn't give me problems either. I guess when you order parts its a game of luck if you parts will come DOA or not
  2. Any more, suggestions ?
    I don't mid spending more than the board suggested as long as its money well spent.
  3. Anyone ?

    Reliability is the most important attribute for me.
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