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I would like to launch the Battlefield 3 beta from RadeonPro, but when I set up a profile to the executable, it just relaunches Origin, which opens a new web browser. The game won't actually launch if I have profile set up.
I am having some crossfire problems with my 5850's, periodically one of my GPU's will slow way down to 30% or so and my framerate will plummet.

If someone can explain how to launch an Origin game with RadeonPro, specifically BF3 I would very much appreciate it. I would like to try different crossfire profile.
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  1. Well it turns out RadeonPro will launch BF3 just fine, just not with a different crossfire profile. I guess I am stuck with the performance bugs, hopefully this can be fixed on release. The Witcher 2 was doing the same thing, but it was mostly fixed with patches.
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