I need some help w/ upgrade path

Okay guys im new, but I have been lurking around the boards reading for a few days. I have come to a cross roads and I think after all my reading latly I have confused myself more then helped my self so I figured its time to ask.. I built my current computer about 2 to 2.5 years ago. Its starting to get a little rusty with current games coming out. Rage is having all kinds of issues and after sorting through a dozen cap files and updates for my GPU I finally got the game "playable". BF3 runs but not great, only about 20 fps when I need it most. Even MMO;s like wow and my beta test for SWTOR are starting to lag due to system and I don't run addon's in that game.

Okay to the point

I am trying to figure out what my best upgrade path should. I don't want to completely rebuild the system from the ground up.

So my current setup is
CPU :: Intel i7 920 @ 2.76 DangerDen water block custom H20 rig
GPU :: AMD HD 5870
MoBo:: Asrock x58 extreme
RAM :: 6gb G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) *on friday I ordered 16 gigs of CORSAIR Vengeance ram on sale (not hear yet).
hhd :: 1tb WD 7200rpm
OS :: Windows 7 Home Premium
PSU :: Corsair 1000 watt (cant remember the model)

My thoughts... Here is where not looking into pc performance in over 2 years hurts me.

I was thinking get a SSD for my OS small one like 32 to 60gb (they still seem to cost alot if you go much larger). Im not sure if this is wise or even worth the money, I just keep hearing from people how great an SSD is. I would say, sure SSD is great to load windows fast but that doesn't help with these large file games that take upwards of 20gb and so on does it? I wouldn't think that having my os running on a SSD and my games on the 1tb storage drive wouldn't do anything correct?

I was thinking a new GPU would be my single best upgrade for gaming performance (main reason for upgrades). I was looking at the GTX 570 from nVidia. Not sure if its worth the 320 bucks. Benchmarks seem to score high on that card.

Lastly I would say a new MOBO and CPU (im hoping mine would hold out for another year) I did look at the i7 2600k or 2700's and an asus mobo (im done w/ asrock I had to RMA my current mobo 3 times).... I have been looking at the i5 2500k a little more after some more reading and it seems to be a great cpu for gaming.

Other then that I am at a loss. I hope you guys can help me out here and I am sorry about a wall of text.
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  1. I'd suggest, especially since you are watercooled, that you overclock the 920 to around 3.0 GHz. your 5850 is still a very good card (It's similar in performance to a 6870), but a 570 would be a step up. I'd suggest saving your money right now and upgrade next year with an Ivy Bridge system and a HD 7000-series.
  2. That was my plan to start w/ I started to notice in the last few months my mobo is starting to flake out "again". I will have a hard time getting it to load. I can get to the x58 splash screen but it will not load past this. I have to reset mobo via its "handy" little reset button. This will bring it back up almost instantly every time.

    I spoke w/ asrock and they say the board is faulty and I should replace it, however its out of warranty. I didn't even think to mention all this in the original thread.

    Thats the main reason I got to looking around. Well that and the newest games out play kinda lackluster atm. It does, however seem strange that I have lower FPS these days then I feel like I should. Im hopping my new ram speeds up a bit.

    I went ahead and over clocked my system this morning to 4.0 and the temps seem to be running nice and cool so thats good and it seems very stable atm. I will run this for a bit or until it finally dies on me.
  3. In that case, it's time to start looking into a new system. No point replacing an X58 motherboard now. Its 4 months to Ivy Bridge.

    what sort of total budget do you have?

    My basic suggestion is an i5-2400 ($190) or 2300 ($180) in an ASRock ZZ68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 board ($125). With a BIOS update, you'll be able to drop in an Ivy Bridge processor in April. Alternately, go ahead for the 2500K ($225)

    it will depend on the budget however
  4. I just started piecing together a rig last night. Fabricated the case in order to route cooling system. I am hoping my current mobo will hold out till new ivy bridge chip / mobo's come out. I dont really want another ASRock mobo this one has been a nightmare, kind of soiled it for me.

    I went to compusa on a lunch break, nothing new it is right across the street so I toy around there all the time. They had 120 gig SSD OCZ on sale for 99 so I picked up a couple of these. I placed an order w/ newegg last friday for 16 gig's Corsair Veng ram.

    Im thinking I am going to try and hold off ordering a new gpu, hopefully until the prices drop. I still have my eye ball on GTX 570.

    Total budget I am going to drop on this is right around 1000. I tend to spend ruffly that ever 2.5 to 3 years on a new rig.

    Only issue is after I build it I stop keeping up w/ current events in the pc world and I have to speed a week or two reading to catch up.
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