MSI Frozr heats up CPU

Hello everyone,

I finally bring my selection to 2 Vcards. MSI 6950 Frozr III and Sapphire 6950 Toxic. As stated on the title, because of the fan that blows the hot air from the VCard it heats up my CPU to 60 DegC from about 46-46 DegC normally. I have a Coolermaster Sniper Black Edition Case with a lot of fan and my CPU cooler is Corsair H50.

I'm kind of eyeing for the Toxic because of the Vaccum Chamber thing. My only worry is the quality of the fan. I had a XFX 5850 Black Edition since Dec 2009 and the fan just broke. I tried putting VF3000a but I think I bricked it so I need to replace it unfortunately. I would want to go for Nvidia but I can't find any information about the HD Audio output. And I'm not sure if it's good for multi-Display. If and only if I will get NVidia I will go for 560 Ti.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. I forgot to mentioned that the way I found about the Frozr thing was I bought a MSI 6870 Frozr III but I have to returned it because of the state of the product that I was given.
  2. I've just gone for the Sapphire Toxic 6950.
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