Dell T3500 Motherboard into a new Case

Hi All,

Can we take the motherboard and processor out from a Dell Precision T3500 and install it in a coolermaster casing with a 500+ PSU ?

Anyone tried this ? Any ideas / suggestions / expert-tips ?

This case is quiet jam-packed and I was thinking may be if I can get this MOBO and PROC out and install it in a new case that would be great ...

this is a x58 based chipset if that gives any ideas

Dell Service Manual for T3500 LINKS :

Removing Processor :

Removing Motherboard :

Thanks for reading - will be grateful for your help !
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  1. Should work.
  2. The mounting points wont line up. I guess if you can hit 3 or 4 standoffs you will be fine but, I don't think that will happen. Other than that it should worlk. That is a very long board, take a ruler and make sure it is not to long to fit in the case.
  3. The MB maybe not fit because Dell use the BTX format MB. When you look at the size and I/O data cable, I think you will find the problem to fit into the regular ATX case.
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