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,I have a Motherboard GA-970A-DS3 Which i know Supports Dual channel Memory ok, but my problem is if i get 4 sticks of memory/16gb which is this one [...] 3m4a1600c9

I am asking if these are compatible and will run dual channel mode on my motherboard and if they do not could you show me some other ones thanks I need to know if i will run in dual channel mode or not and if it will does it matter which sticks i put together? I need to know this thanks but the main point i need to know is will the 4x4 memory cards work in my motherboards dual channel mode and i always though dual channel means 2 cards only?
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  1. They'll work in dual channel mode no matter how you plug them in.
  2. Yes, they are comaptible with your mainboard and will work in dual channel mode.
    Your motherboard has 4 memory banks, two blue and two white. Each color is one channel, so you can have two or four modules working in dual-channel configuration.
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