Is 400w psu bottlenecking my rig?

got a 400w dynex psu from bestbuy along time ago and running it on my rig, everything is working fine *I Think.

Amd phenom II x3 720 black edition (The fourth core has been unlocked and very stable, so its a quad core @ 2.8ghz).

Cpu Cooler:
Cooler master hyper 212 plus with 2x 120mm fans

Msi 880gm-e35

Nvidia galaxy gts250, 1gb memory, 256bit, ddr3

Corsair xms3 1600 ddr3 (1x4)

Dynex 400w

Antec 300 2x 120mm fans , 1x 140mm fan ( on lowest speeds)

Dvd drive:
16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive

& 320 wd hdd

windows 7 ultimate

Is it bad to run with a low psu can my parts go bad faster if i do?
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  1. It's definitely not good to run an ElCheapo POS PSU, but it will not cause any bottlenecking. The causes for bottlenecking can be traced to 2 things: CPU, and GFX card (what res are you playing at?).

    Dynex is not a good PSU. Look for: Enermax/Lepa, Silverstone/Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, newer OCZ units, and PC P&C.

    I'd look first to upgrade that vid card (even a 550Ti would be an improvement for $125), after getting a better PSU (look for a 450W-550W).
  2. Most defiantly get a better PSU. That is a Best Buy only cheapy with a very low efficiency especially under load. Your system will pull 300-350w so a good quality 450-550w PSU would do fine and give you plenty of headroom.

    Is it bad to run with a low psu can my parts go bad faster if i do?

    Absolutely a poor PSU can take the rest of the computer with it. Ontop of the poor efficiency your 12+ rails are on the low side (14a and 15a) so just upgrading your GPU could send you over the amps it can provide.
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