Lagging in games, Network utilization is 1%. High Latency..what gives?

I've had this problem for awhile now. Whenever I join a game (COD: Black Ops, Left for Dead 2, BattleField: Bad Company 2, whatever), about 85% of the time my Latency is above 300ms. Sometimes it drops back down; only to shoot back up. This makes games absolutely unplayable.

Modem~SpeedStream 4200
Router~NetGear WGR614 v9

Download Speed: 2590 kbps (323.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 313 kbps (39.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
The above photo contains the pings, processes, and network utilization.

Please help.
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  1. are you connected to a modem or a router?

    are you connected via network cable or wireless?
  2. Router along with the computer next to me (yes I've taken it into account; these pings remain unsatisfactory irregardless of the state of the computer (sleep, active, hibernate, off)).

    Connected via cable.
  3. does it change if you connect directly to the modem (no router)
  4. Nope, ping still goes into the high hundreds.
  5. are you using any security software like norton or mcaffee?
  6. Using Eset Nod32 SmartSecurity.
  7. have you tried to disable the firewall/SmartSecurity?
  8. Been playing for the past hour..spies still happen but they last 5 seconds and drop. That's odd though.
  9. Perhaps merely the servers you are connecting to are the ones lagged out....

    NOw if all servers are 300 ms, that's an issue...
  10. Tracert to google. Post results here.

    Also, are you on wired or wireless? If Wifi, how close are you to the router?

    Also, who's using TeamViewer in your house? Can you disable it temporarily?

  11. Wired.

    Will do, will post back.
  12. List of services, thought it might be relevant.
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