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Mid-range Gaming CPU Help

Hi Guy's! Samo here!

I'm still having a VERY hard time deciding on the CPU I should get for my first Gaming Computer. I have ALREADY bought my MotherBoard, Gigabyte's GA-970a-D3 AM3+, so that's why I'm going with AMD. I would like a CPU that can handle multitasking and multi-display's. I do A LOT of gaming so it MUST preform well. I have been looking at AMD's Phenom II X4 955, FX-6100 and FX-4100. I can spend under $160USD I will ONLY go over if it's better too.

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    Too bad you already bought the motherboard. Sandy/Ivy Bridge is the way to go.

    However, since you do have the motherboard, I would say to go for the FX-6100. Though, PLAN ON OVERCLOCKING IT IF YOU WANT GOOD PERFORMANCE!!! Seriously! Its really easy to overclock, and you can hit 4.5Ghz or more very easily. If you do not want to overclock, I would suggest staying away from the FX line of CPUs. Look for a Phenom II x6 on ebay, or go with the x4 955. Hopefully, Piledriver will fix the woes of AMD and you can upgrade to the new generation when it comes out. Hope this helps!
  2. for gaming, phenoms outperform the bulldozers. The best AMD gaming cpus are the phenom ii x4 975 or 980,3052-5.html

    980 doesnt come with heatsink/fan

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