Post screen and windows too big for monitor

I built a computer using a MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard and an intel i53570K processor. No graphis card. Windows 7 64bit. The post screen and windows both have parts of the text(post) and icons (windows) off the edge of the display. I am using a 65" HD plasma tv as monitor. I can use the "reduce mode" on the tv but then it dosent fill the entire display. I can use manual scalling but semms like it shouldnt be necessary. It wasnt necessary on my previous computer.
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  1. what resolution on the tv

    and do you have a graphics card? if so, put it in the computer and see if it helps
  2. cause thats what happened to my 40 inch tv
  3. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the long time it took me to respond. I havn't solved the problem yet but it works pretty well using the reduce mode on the tv. I had bigger problems with the commputer but they are solved now so I am looking back into this issue.

    the tv is set at 1920X1080 (and it is a DLP not plasma - I was thinking of my previous tv :sleep: ). I do have an old graphics card - it is only 512MB. The on-processor graphics of this cpu are spposed to be pretty good and I wanted to see what it was like before i put in a card. I'm about ready to do that and I'll let you know what happens.

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    do you have a budget on a graphivs card.

    and if not.

    try and get a 1gb or 2gb graphics card and try and test around or ask local pc shops about your problem because thats what happen to me 18 months ago.

    Jesse :) p.s I'm a guy
  5. Thanks Jesse. I am trying to decide on a video card now. My budget is about $250.
  6. thats good
  7. Hey meatball, as you know, I went with the asus 660ti - a little over budget but.. isnt it always? Now the post screen comes up correctly positioned but windows is still too big. so i used the nvidia driver program and adjusted the overscan to get the correct size. I was reluctant to do it this way because I have some vague memory of having problems with adjusting overscan before. It was interesting that the settings for the overscan has a padlock icon that you can leave open or closed. I left it locked. So far its been working great. Thanks for your help.
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  9. that's good
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