How much will this cost in couple of years time ?

Hey guys. i brought asrock b75 pro 3 for the intel i5 3570k , i realised how this is a bad choice as it doesnt support overclock, that wont be a problem now as i wont be needing it soon. how ever it wont always last me. i was thinking of upgrading when i need it. I havent been into computing for long maybe one of you older guys will be able to anwser me. i was thinking how much would the asus sabertooth z77 cost in around 2-3 years time ? and also how much would asrock z77 pro 3 cost in 2-3 years time ? will it be worth upgrading to these boards when i want to start to overclock or will i have to go with a newer board for those times ? ( who nows what it will be like then) thanks for the help guys.
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  1. also if you think this is a stupid idea please just tell me.
  2. You said it "who nows what it will be like then" so you've answered your own question. Good job!

    By the way, to be correct "nows" should be spelled "knows". Good luck....
  3. oh sorry i missed one letter. Wheres my rope ? i just thought some people could anwser with their own experience.
  4. Sorry, just trying to be funny.... If there's any way possible I'd return the b75 now while it's unused and get the z77 now. That's your best solution and would avoid all the future hassle....
  5. Next spring will bring haswell and socket 1150. I would expect those motherboards to be similar in price to today's Z77 based motherboards.
    Haswell will bring perhaps a 15% better price performance.

    If you want your 3570K to be a 4 year chip, and I think that is reasonable, then I would return or market the B75 motherboard so you can overclock the "K".
    You might as well get the benefit now.

    On the used market, the Z77 motherboard prices will drop, but then so should the B75 motherboard you need to get rid of.

    And... I think the sabretooth motherboards are overpriced. Most any Z77 motherboard will do the same job at half the price.
  6. Most motherboard models have a life cycle of 3-6 months, big name models like the Asus Saber Tooth maybe a year. Asus touts it's extended life CSM line (Corp stable Model) which has a life cycle of 1 year, but those are business models not gamer models. Intel is supposed to be releasing the new Haswell line this June (1150 LGA) so I wouldn't expect these motherboards to be around in 1 year, let alone 2 or 3 years.
  7. i had my motherboard for almost 5 years, not saying its a good board but it is still fully working order. I wont be getting the haswell as it will be around 500£ no thanks
  8. We generally plan for a board and chipset to have a 1 year lifespan (there may be longer term boards out there that are meant for the business market). You can find an old 775 socket based board for under $70 but really once the board has been discontinued you are going to have problems finding quality boards. Even finding a couple year old P55 is hard.
  9. Do you think there will be good Boards with overclocking compatibilities for the intel i5 3570k in around 3 years time ?
  10. A board from 3 years ago that could be overclocked for a mid range processor like the Intel® Core™ i5-3570K would have used the P55 chipset. Right now you might be able to find a board with this chipset on it on ebay but you would have a hard time finding a new board with this chipset.
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