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Core temp, cpu temp, and general OC

Okay, I have a few questions regarding temperatures and overclocking. I have a amdx4 960T. My core temps never went above 35C on a full prime95 load on 3.75Mhz. The "cpu" temp on the monitoring programs was at about 49C. Which one am I watching for while OCing. Because I have quite a bit of leeway if it is the core temp but if it is the cpu temp then I will end up frying my card very shortly. Here is an image of all 4 program temps I got.

Now also, The wattage readout on one of the programs showed at full load it was using 118 watts and ~150 with gpu going full blast(6770). Does this seem right to you? I figured atleast 350w. anyway as far as overclocking what is 1. the max temp( i thought 62 but i want to stay in the 50s) 2. max voltage for the card 3. most stable OC you have heard of on this card on air cooling granted I have one beast of an air cooling system(10 fans and i set up to 100% when benchmark and heavy gaming) I idle at about 15C. 4. What temp do I look on while OCing. 5. Would I actually be better off unlocking the 6 cores on it( i have done this twice but the temperatures dont get measured so I dont feel comfortable not knowing it could be burning.

Thanks for reading my novel and answer only in essay form. you have 60 minutes from now.....Start. :D
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    The overall CPU temp is the important one. If your 49°C are under prime 95 then you have a very cool CPU and can do some more overclocking.
  2. Thanks do you happen to know how far I can push it with a 960T?
  3. Depends on how much you want to push it, and what cooler you are using!
  4. I was wanting to try to get 4000mhz but when i tried last night it froze and blue screened. i upped the voltage to 1.45 from stock 1.35. I thought maybe i upped the volts too far but i dont know if that will hurt it. I backed down to 3.5ghz but i dont want to fry the chip. I have a Zalman copper fin i forgot the number. but it took my idle down from ~30C to 18-19C. and cpu temp from 40C to 32C.
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  6. The overall CPU temp is the important one.
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