Confusion about AGP graphics card!!

Hey Guyz,

I want to buy an AGP Graphics Card for my old PC!!

My PC Specs -

Processor - Pentium 4 2.8 ghz
Ram - 1024 mb DDR1
HDD - 160 gb
I have chosen this AGP graphic cards -

hd 3850
hd 2600
hd 3650
X1950 XT

Plz tell me which is best and cheapest!!!


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  1. The best is the hd3850. The cheapest is the x1950xt. It may not be the easiest thing to find a AGP card.
  2. Don't bother with the x1950xt as it is very dated at this point and has no modern driver support. Go for the 3850 agp if you can get it but prices are pretty much flat over most of these cards.
  3. Thanks Guys!!
    I will go for HD 3850!!
    But wat will be the price of that Next Month!!

    In indian currency!!!!!!!
  4. You didn't say that you were there when you first posted :s
  5. I didn't think you'll get any of those cards in AGP slots, far back my memery can recall the last AGP card made available was X1650 Pro.
    But pls do correct me if you find otherwise and forgive my lazyness to check.
  6. no the last agp card is a 4670, and @PO, get a 4670 if you can, they are much quieter and cooler and has the same performance as the 3850.
  7. Can I run games like Crysis,Battlefield Bad Company 2,Crysis Warhead ,Crysis 2,Prototype,Mass Effect 2,Assassin's Creed Brotherhood,The Sabotuer,Dead Psace 2,Bulletstorm on high settings with HD 3850.

    Plz Reply!!


  8. Not high settings and even the more modern 4650 will only struggle. If you want to play all the latest games with high settings you will need something on par with a gtx 280/460 or better. However a 5750 on the low side can get by rather nicely.
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