Cheapest NVIDIA Card for dedicated PHYSX

As the title implies, which nvidia card is compatible with Sapphire 6950 Toxic which I just bought from I hope someone could help. Thanks.
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  1. You'll have to play driver games to get PhysX to work while there's an ATi card installed in your system, but from various articles I've read, the weakest you might consider is a GT240 (if you can still find one). I don't know how the GT440 would do. The next step up would be a GTS450.
  2. The cheapest is a 8800gts 320mb edition or a 512mb 9600gt. A gts 450 is more than most will need for physx for at least another year before those requirements are raised a little higher. Don't bother with a gt240 or a gt440 as they cost more than older cards that can offer much more bang for the dollar/pound. If it must be new then skip over the rest and go for the gts 450. It is better to have more than you need than to have less than you need only to suffer through the lag.
  3. Thank you jtt283 and nforce4max. I've read about the hack for the new PHYSX driver will 6950 work with this?
  4. ATI cards can't run physx at all but you can hack the nvidia drivers to allow the use of an physx card to be use alongside with the 6950.
  5. how to hack
  6. gt240 or 8800gt/9800gt would be the minimum for good physx performance. you want at least a 512mb card.
  7. thanks iam2thecrowe.
  8. Go for GTX 580 for PHYSX or get a ATI 6950 for PHYSX it has no lagg and good realistic gameplay!
  9. Sorry dagasaitim I cannot afford another card that is why I'm asking for the cheapest.
  10. Just ignore the troll, robertomad.
  11. jtt283, dagasaitim means rat in black. daga = rat, sa=in, itim=black.

    Anyway, I looked at ebay and I found 8800gt is about £20 and still in auction

    GTS 450 is really expensive about £70.

    9600GT is £40-45

    is 8800gts enough, my budget is about £30?
  12. A 8800gt is enough for physx, I have used mine alongside with my gtx 460 for months. Plays games like Mafia 2 with ease.
  13. the 430 is a rebranded 9800gt which will work great with physx
  14. ^I don't believe that is right at all. A GT430 has 96 CUDA cores; a 9800GT has 112 of them; the GT430 has a 128bit buss, and the 9800GT has a 256bit memory buss.
  15. FlintIronStagg said:
    the 430 is a rebranded 9800gt which will work great with physx

    I would have expected a 6 year old to say something like that but you don't know anything about cards. A GT430 is a Fermi era card not a rebranded G92. GF108 core not a G92 and I don't see how one could mistake the two as being the same unless wasted on drugs or alcohol.
  16. ^+1 gt430 is slow crap and not the same as a 9800gt
  17. A gt430 can barely keep up with a gt240 let alone a 8800/9800gt.
  18. I found this.
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