Can HD 6950 Frozr III crossfire withHD 6950 Frozr II?

Hi, I've got 2 new vid cards, both from MSI:
1x HD 6950 2GB Twin Frozr III
1x HD 9650 2GB Twin Frozr II

I was wondering:
A) Can I crossfire them both, given that they are the same card, from the same company but with different cooling systems.
B) Given that I'll be hooking up 2x 6950 with an i5 2500K and 4 230mm fans, 1 optical drive and 1 HDD, will I be able to power them with a TX650 PSU that I have?

I also have a CX600, in the event that the TX650 won't be able to handle both cards, could I potentially hook up 2 PSUs, 1 to power only the second vid card?

Would appreciate any insight, as i'm waiting to start construction until I hear some wisedom here. Thanks.
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    A yes
    B little light but can with additional molex adapters for the extra PCIe power connectors
  2. How do these molex adapters look like?

    How but running 2 PSUs simultaneously? Can this be done or am I playing with fire?
  3. You will have to trick the second one to think it is connected to a motherboard.
    Molex adapter maybe included with your cards.
  4. Is it safe to connect 2 PSUs that have different wattage?
    One Corsair TX650 and One Corsair CX600
  5. I would not do it!
  6. LOL. Well if you wouldn't do it, I sure as hell am not going to try.
    Gotta sell 2 PSUs now and get a 3rd. Bahumbug....
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