Please help!!!! Serious interference!!!!


I have found your forums very helpful in the past.

I built my first pc about a month ago and I'm having serious problems with audio through my active Yamaha monitors.

I hear clicks from hdd, mouse movements and when programs are loading. The strangest thing of all is that when the pc is under 100% stress test, there is no interference? Linking to power problem maybe?
I have downloaded all latest drivers, disabled onboard audio in bios, disabled c1e in bios, tried different speakers, different leads and have run out of ideas? Also using power conditioners. PSU problem? Mobo problem?

Intel i7 2600k o/c @ 4.5ghz
16gb Corsair 1600mhz ram
Asus Z68 v-pro motherboard
Focusrite Saffire 6 external usb audio
1TB HDD + 128gb SSD
Antec 650w true power psu

Massive thanks for any info regarding this really annoying problem!!


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  1. You have a ground wire problem going on which shields the cables from RF noise.

    First off I would make sure your wires are connected securely. If that doesn't help you can try rebuilding the wires or getting new wires.

    If that isn't it, it could be the ground on your motherboard is bad to the speaker connection.
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