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Hello everyone. I do a lot of work in Adobe After Effects and other animation programs like Maya and ZBrush. I need help upgrading my home made system, it could be faster and I spent a lot of money and time in hell getting it built. Now I need to consider speeding things up, After Effects uses like 90% of my ram and I need to be able to run more than just AE on it at one time. I once hired someone to build this system for me and he's not helping me upgrade it, but that's probably good because I don't think he knows what he's doing, and neither do I. So first off Ill give you my specs:

i7 920 @2.67 (I wish I had gotten faster, im told there isn't an upgrade available for this mobo?)
12 gigs RAM Patriot Memory DDR3 [pc3-8500F]

Im also using System Information for Windows to check my memory and I'm seeing a "Wrong/Incomplete values reported by BIOS" error, it says maximum capacity for memory is 6,144. When I go to Computer properties it reads 12 though. So I don't know if the settings in the BIOS are screwed up? I remember this guy was kinda playing with voltage and some other stuff and I don't think he knew what he was doing.

Anyways, if anyone could help me, the mobo says it can upgrade up to 24gb of ram but I don't want to screw things up and could use help finding the ram that could work and if I need to adjust settings, maybe some help in simple laymens terms to make them? Also I'd OC this thing but I have NO CLUE how to do that. Any ideas are welcomed thanks I could really use some help here.
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