Will this graphics card fit in this case?

Hey guys, I'm currently in the midst of ordering my parts and found myself in a bit of a dilemma. My price point for cases is 75 dollars and below and I'm going to be running with a p8p67 pro mobo, gtx 560 ti, and i5 2500 (not into overclocking). The only case in this price range that has really caught my attention is the cooler master storm scout which I find combines great aesthetics and practicality-love the four top positioned usb slots and handle. After doing some reading however, I read that fitting larger graphics cards and mobo's inside it can be problematic. If anyone can tell me whether or not my parts will fit it would be greatly appreciated. If they don't could you also reccommend some quality cases in this price range? I'd really like to get these parts ordered soon. Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Drop for the 2400, you won't notice a difference.

    With that extra $15-25 you can get a HAF 922, a Corsair 400R, or a Antec DF-35.

    Second, Don't get the P67 pro! There are better boards for the price. Try looking at the ASRock Z68 Gen3 Extreme3.

    But yes, it should fit.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I got an excellent deal on the pro (130.00) and it has bluetooth support. Also, I got the rev 3.1 version which I've heard has less failure rates. As for the case, if I were to ever want to use sli would it be too small?
  3. okay... i can see it..... storm scout should be enough to fit expansion cards up to 10.5"... however... if you want more space... i can recommend this case...

    because this case has a removable hdd cage should you want to upgrade to something larger...

    here's another suggestion.... if you don't plan to install more than three hdd... and never going to fill all the seven expansion slots of the standard atx board.... why don't you consider building a good.. but also compact gaming rig?

    take a look at this board...

    and also this chassis....

    i hope my suggestions do help...
  4. Thanks, really helped. This rig is going to be a purely gaming pc, hence my question regarding the sli. Do you also dislike the p8p67 pro? Also, if you can reccommend a good psu for my needs that will work well with a case that would be great. The 560 ti requires a minimum of 550 watts.
  5. I don't really like the pro, no. ASUS boards are nice, but they charge alot. ASRock actually used to be part of ASUS but they split off to become their own company.

    A quality 750w PSU should be fine to SLI two 560 Ti's.
  6. You guys have been an enormous help. I probably am going to stick with the pro just because of the amazing deal I got for it and the bluetooth support. One final question though, bearing in mind that I don't need an amazing case, would it not make sense to just stick with the storm scout which I am assuming could handle two 560 tis or am I wrong in this assumption?
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    Yes, the CM storm scout should fit both cards.

    Alright if you want the Pro, go for it! Lovely board, just not my pick.
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  9. Thanks again man.
  10. No problem! I just checked to be sure and yes the CM storm scout will fit everything.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
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