Need help deciding to upgrade my CPU

Thank you so much for reading this. A couple of months ago i bought a new gaming PC with the following specifications:
-CPU AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Black Edition
-MoBo Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 rev 1.0
-RAM DDR III Corsair 4 GB x2 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B)
-GPU Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 x2 (SLI)
-PSU Corsair HX850W Professional Series SLI ready
-HDD Samsung HD520HJ (500gb)
-Case NZXT Phantom
Haven't overclocked anything,CPU cooler is stock. This rig performs well on games like RE5 o SF4 (fps above 120), but when running a heavy based CPU game it starts lagging, this game is AION, on populated areas the fps goes down to 17. I also used 3Dmark11 and could notice a poor performance on the CPU tests (11 to 15 fps). I used GPUZ to check the GPU usage while running AION, and it's around 22%. After googling a bit, i learned that my CPU is bottlenecking the system, so i decided to replace my CPU. I thought about some options:
-Get the new FX-8150, but it performs poorly on gaming.
-Overclock my current CPU, but i have no idea how to do that.
-Change my Mobo/Cpu combo, and get an Intel based platform (core i5 2500k+z68 MoBo).

Please, i need your recomendations/suggestions given my current situation. Thank you in advance.
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    It really depends on how much cash you have to spend.

    If you are on a budget I would suggest buying a $80 water cooler and overclocking your Phenom II
    There are overclocking guides in the overclocking section.

    If you have got a spare $600 dollars lying around I would consider buying the intel combo and selling the amd parts on Ebay.
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