Motherboard RAM Support

hey all,
for the motherboard : Intel dp55WB

we have 4 channel for the RAM
And you can read on this site
It " Support for up to 16 GB of system memory "

Did they mean every channel support up to 16GB
All channel can support up to 16GB
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  1. Hi,
    All channel up to 16 (the total amount of memory to not exceed 16 GB).
  2. hi .. ok
    that's mean it's maximum 16 GB for all slots
    I can Put in every slot 4 GB RAM ( 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 ) ??

    but can I but in one slot 1 RAM 16 GB ?
    Or 2 Slots of RAM 8 GB ?

    And what if I put in every slot 8 GB that's mean 32 GB .. What will happend ???
  3. Probably the system will not boot.
    When choosing RAMs, use the manufacturers configurators for finding compatible kits.
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