4x4 or 2x8

I know this answer has been asked, before, but I'm just comparing 2 kinds.
Running on an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
Price vs Speed vs Compatibility vs Real World difference.

Kingston HyperX (4x4GB) ~ $60
DDR3 1600MHz


Komputerbay (2x8GB) ~ $65
DDR3 1600MHz
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  1. 4x4 Kingston ram cards for sure.
    4x4gB Kingston cards
    Better speeds
    Lower timings
    Lower price
    Better quality

    Fill up all your slots
  2. The Kingston Is by far a more recognized brand, also hs better timing.
    That said performance wise, the ONLY diff between Cl 9and CL10 will be in benchmarks as you will see NO real world difference.

    2 X 8 would preferable as as this would leave slots open for future expansion.
    That said 1) If you are using win 7 Primium, then max memmory is limited to 16 gigs and to go above 16 would require a higher end Windows 7 ( windows 8 - Not sure if it has same restriction). 2) Currently only a select few apps can take advntage of more than 16 gigs.

    MY choice would be:
    1) Find a better brand of 2 x 8 and go with that.
    2) Or stick with the 4 x 4 Kingston. Because of quality - NOT performance - as stated You will not see a performance diff.

    MY favorite Ram Modules are G-Skill Ripjaws, or Corsair.
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