Monitor vs Projector?

I've been searching for about a week and a half for a monitor that would fit my needs. Unhappy, I remembered an old friend of mine had a projector hooked up for his display. So on a whim I searched for some and found this:]

This thing is close enough to my price range that I'm willing to get it instead of a somewhat cheaper monitor. My only questions were would it run @ 120hz in 1080p mode?
I'm assuming it goes up to 1080p because of this line:

"SD 480i and 576i, ED 480p and 576p, HD 720p, 1080i and 1080p

So I may be wrong altogether and it doesn't do what I think it will.

Also, if it does, would that be preferable than a 1080p 60hz lcd?

Seeing as 120hz monitors cost quite a bit more if you're looking at 24" or bigger I think this would be a much better purchase.

My rig is:
I5 2500k
MSI P67-GD65
8gb G.Skill 1600 Ram
75Gb WD Raptor
1Tb WD Caviar Black
Sapphire 6950(unlocked)

Thanks for any info and advice.
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  1. Do not get that projector!

    Native resolution is only 800x600
    Maximum resolution is 1600x1200

    SD 480i and 576i, ED 480p and 576p, HD 720p, 1080i and 1080p
    PC: VGA to UXGA

    All this means is that your projector can accept all of these signals, though I'm not sure how, given that it only has analog video inputs (1xS-Video, 1xComposite, 2xVGA). It does not mean it will display those signals.

    For that kind of money, get a decent 1920x1080 monitor with HDMI or DisplayPort inputs.

    -Wolf sends
  2. You want a monitor
  3. only get a projector if it is has high native resolution. 720p native is minimum for a DLP projector, while for an LCD projector you really want 1080p. DLP's are better IMO, they dont have such harsh pixel edges and are less prone to dust/lens degradation. LCD projectors need to be cleaned frequently and the globes dont last forever and are expensive. Projectors are only meant to be used for a few hrs at a time, the lenses/lcd's in LCD projectors generally go for 3000-4000hrs before they start to discolour/get burn-in, then you throw them away. If you use them for long periods of time it significantly reduces the life of the globe and lenses/lcd's. And just FYI i primarily repair Acer and Epson projectors, among others, so i have some idea what im on about.
  4. I suggest you to get the projector. Now I am more interested in picking up a 47" LCD with true 1080p resolution and the projector is just a really awesome.
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