Ideas for a new computer set out for around $500-$800 ($1000 is max)

Approx. Purchase date: Sometime before the end of the year
Budget Range: $500-$700 although $1000 is my max. (i could go 1200, but i need a good O/S and desk) (the last built i looked up came around 1250 give or take with the OS..)

System usage: Gaming, Movies, Music, internet surfing , 20 tabs+ on 3 or more windows, photo Edit and or painting pics

Preferred sites for parts: not really if i can find a GOOD site that dont charge me sells tax that b good, if not then newegg it is..

Country: Southwest US.

Parts Preference: still like to stay with AMD if i can... but im open for the i5 2500 also.. (dont like the price with that tho..) and not a Nvida fan..

Parts I have: Mouse, keyboard, headphones

rest no clue

i did look here

some ideas but... the use ideas i did not like O_o

i got alot of help from my other thread but the over all price busted..

its my first build so i really dont know much so i will b watching plenty of vids.. and staying away was water cooler since im not over clocking..

(PS if i can get a Screen or something for the computer in this price that b sweet, if not i b stuck using my older Kodak LCD TV. save money atlest. lol)
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  1. any1? O-o
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