Should I upgrade my i7 920 or would it be a waste of money?

Hi Guys

I've currently got a i7 920 running at stock with a gtx 570 gainwand Phantom GPU and SSD. It's running at stock because I don't have any real knowledge of overclocking. I've just come across some money and was wondering if I would see any real benefit upgrading to the i5 2500k, i7 2006k or i7 2007k. I got my i7 920 in 2008, so its coming up to 4 years old now. My only real use on this rig is for gaming and tbh I've not really had any problems playing any game at high resolution settings. What do you guys think? because common sense is telling me not too, but my heart says otherwise.
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  1. Waste of money, but overclock it! Don't' waste 300+ for a new mobo/cpu.
  2. I would to overclock it, but I dont have a clue to how to!
  3. yeah, theres no real reason to upgrade yet, especially for the cost. (mobo, ram, cpu) oc'ing the 920 is rather easy, even getting it to 3.5. i have the same cpu, and untill newer cpu's produce at least double the numbers, i wont spend money.
  4. Don't upgrade. The cost of getting a new mobo and CPU is not worth it. The i7 920 is still a great performing CPU.
  5. I just recently upgraded a 920 @ 4.0 to a 2700k @ 4.5. The upgrade was a waste as far as gaming goes. Only reason I did it was because the wife needed a new machine so I gave her the 920. Overall I advise against it unless you have someone you can sell the your current rig to or money to burn. My advice is OC your 920 to 4.0 and enjoy for another a year at least.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. All great advise guys, and i do agree in terms of real benefits of the upgrade I would not really notice anything. I remember in the past when you would have to upgrade your entire rig every 4 years to keep up with software, but its not the case anymore. Not sure if its cpu's not innovating anymore or software not taking advantage of the quad cores of today.
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