ASROCK with power issues

So building my 3rd custom rig and running into an issue. Got all the parts connected and when i plug in power I get spinning fans, few beeps, and then it all shuts down. So BIOS code. CPU fan and case fans spin up though. Here's the gear
ASrock z77 Extreme6
Roswell capstone 650w power
2x4gb ram
1tb WDBlack
Antec DF-10 case

Trouble shooting I found if I applied pressure near the south bridge I'd get power again. I tried remounting screws, but to no benefit.
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  1. Replace the motherboard. It's in warranty and why do you wanna use a faulty motherboard when you paid in full?
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    Test the board outside the chassis with only PSU, CPU and CPU fan connected. The system will not boot, but at least the fan should keep spinning. If it does, then start adding components one by one and test. If the fan still stops spinning, then you should replace the motherboard as Xttony suggested.
  3. Sorry i never followed up to this. I Did as Zjenep said. Nothing caused a failure, so I reinstalled everything and no problems since. Something must have been causing a ground or short. Thanks for the hel guys
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