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I was wondering about the CPU (E8400 not OC) temperatures.
I'm using open hardware monitor to view the temperatures. I've installed a new heatsink a few days ago with thermal paste.

I turned it on and it was fine for a few days.

Today when I turned it on, the CPU temperature said 112 C and the core temps were at 28 to 35C and 34 to 34C.

I tried changing fan speeds higher, but that didn't do anything. So when I finally restarted, the temps showed 22C for CPU temperature and the cores remained the same.

So I guess my question is...was the temperature reading wrong? And can the temperature drop from 112 to 22 just with a restart (30 seconds between readings)?

Thank you,
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    Reading was wrong, likely due to some weird glitch. The computer would have shut down well before it hit 112 C
  2. That temp is highly unlikely. How are you measuring your temps? Keep in mind that water boils at 100C. Could that temp have actually been 112F?
  3. Yep reading is wrong.. I use both Asus AI Suite II and everest home edition to read the temperature.. Asus says cpu temp is 39 C and everest says it is 85 C. But temperature for each core is correct.. As COL said it may be Fahrenheit..
    112F = 44.4C
  4. Great!

    Thanks for the input everyone.

    Much appreciated!
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