Selecting proper boot device (UEFI)

Was installing Win7 x64.s While electing boot device in BIOS,it showed 2 DVD drives in the list but i have only ONE. One was showing SATA DVD and other was showing UEFI logo on the same DVD device..

Which one should i select ?

i read that when we install OS on UEFI motherboard,it do not create MBR but uses some other system GPT. What if i have already formatted HDD with me..(that is OLD HDD from OLD PC already having 2-3 partitions)

AMD FX 8150
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
HDD SATA 500 GB (Selected as IDE)

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  1. Hi,
    GPT and EFI are required when booting from a HDD that is larger than 2TB.
    For installing Windows in EFI mode, set the EFI DVD as the primary boot device.
  2. what is "installing windows in EFI mode" ? is there diff in installation methods..?

    what will be the diff if Non EFI dvd boot is selected..?
    If non EFI DVD selected Windows will be installed in normal mode.
  4. i m not a tech person so i dont understand most of the article...

    can please tell me what is diff between WINDOWS in normal mode vs EFI mode..?
    and is there any diff while installing on HDD which is preformatted using old pc/mbr
  5. No, for an old HDD, I would install Windows in normal mode.
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