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Can I safely have 2 x 1 GB sticks and 2 x 2 GB sticks? All specs are the same, but they are single and dual rank respcectively. The system (and BIOS) sees them. I am wondering because I have a chronic problem with the OS not being able to install USB devices -- mass storage. I have done exhaustive software checks and even changed out the motherboard and installed both Win Vista (32 bit) and Win 7 Pro (64 bit) with no luck yet.

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  1. Should not related to your memory problem .... if it thinkit is you can just use 2x 1GB to install to see what 's going on...

    So you install all the chipset driver ?
  2. I removed the 1x 1GB and moved the 2GB DIMMs to the vacated slots. The problem persisted. I recently changed OSes from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Win7. I have not updated chipset since doing so since Dell support site does not identify any changes. Note the OS change was an effort to resolve my USB problems after exhaustive software fixes tried.
  3. I meant to say -- removed the 1 GB sticks and moved the 2 GB sticks to their slots
  4. any missing device driver in device manager?
  5. I found that the wireless usb adapter I was using caused the problems. I replaced it with a different model of NetGear and the problem went away.
  6. Good for you.
  7. I resolved this myself. Not sure how to close this thread. Thanks to all for your responses.
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