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Anyone that has RMA'd anything know how long it usually takes. I shipped my defective ram to Patriot on Dec 20th and they still havent sent me a replacement nor does the status says it was received but UPS made sure they delivered it. So far its been 4 weeks and Im getting sick and tired of hearing patriot say give us a few days for the past 2 emails.
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  1. My last RMA took two weeks tops, i dont know how Patriot does it but with Corsair when you apply for the RMA they will take your credit card info and put a temporary charge for replacement ram...they send the replacement ram and you send them the faulty ram...once they receive the faulty ram they cancel the charge on your credit card. Do you have any tracking for your package? I would try contacting UPS as to why its taking so long
  2. Yea i tracked the package through UPS and it said it was delivered and they sent me an email verification saying it was delivered to that address. Double checked if the address was correct since i have a tendancy to make mistakes. But right now im worried about them canceling my RMA because Patriot states that if they havent recieved my package within 30 days there going to cancel my request. I find it ridiculous that they dont have a customer service number and the only way to contact them is through emails which takes them 2-3 days to respond. I guess if they dont send me a replacement by today (their turnaround time for RMA are 5 business days) im going to ask for a refund on a the memory and shipping. IF not then i just got screwed by choosing the wrong Ram Company
  3. geek just to let you know the rma was done at the worst time of the year. highest time for shipping then the box of ram got there near xmas or after. as you know most biz are going to be short handed that week for people taking vacation.
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