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Just spent the last week trying to get my new MSI N8400GS-D1GD3H/LP VGA card to work in this board, I went bare bones and it still didn't get past post. So now I've given up on that card and I'm looking to buy a different one.

For all who use this MOBO, can you suggest a decent VGA card that works in theo MOBO, preferably over 512-1GB of memory and Nvidea chipset and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

Currently running Nvidia NX7100 with 256 ram

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  1. have you uninstalled the video drivers prior to trying the 8400gs out? driver conflict could be holding you back and thats why you could not get past post with the new card. to uninstall the drivers use your old video card first and press f8 when booting, select safe mode..once you boot to desktop go to control panel and uinstall nvidia drivers, shut down the pc..pop the newer card
  2. Yes, you responded to my other thread concerning the VGA issue, and thank you. I did try that, but the issue is not in windows, it's a hardware conflict since the pc doesn't even get past the BIOS splash screen. In fact It doesnt even get to the BIOS.

    I've tried everything, including going bare bones with only CPU, one stick of RAM and video card, and I get the same results. I'm done with trying to figure out the 8400 issues and just want to get something I'm confident will work.
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