New MiniITX build, huge temps but cool case and stable system?

Those are my temps under Prime95. System runs stable and no errors go up.
I really don't get this; my heatsink seems to be properly seated (though it is a makeshift for the HP/Asus Calcite/MOCA-AR)
Any suggestions on what to do? I'd appreciate if someone could send me a link to how to build a heatsink retention clip/clamp.

^^ That is a picture of the CPU area with the heatsink on and clamp installed. I have no idea how to recreate it... :(
BTW: here are the temps at idle:
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  1. What cpu are you using?

    1) Did you use thermal paste? If not, that is your problem. It looks like you have some sort of plastic between the cpu and the cooler.
    2) If you used thermal paste, did you use too much? Too much will act as an insulator. A smallish drop should be suficient, it will spread.
    3) That fan looks positively puny. Can you find a better heat sink? When you put this in a case, your temps will get worse.
    4) I don't think a spring attachment will do the job well. More modern coolers will attach via bolts through the motherboard to a back plate. Some degree of pressure is needed to cause the grease to spread and thin out.
  2. whaat is that red foam under the fan,also the fan and cpu cooler have to be square with the cpu itself
  3. @geofelt, its a intel pentium t2060 (laptop dual core)
    that picture is of a guy that made a cooler that i would replicate. I have arctic silver as my compound and its adequate yet not excessive.
    this motherboard only takes spring attachment heatsinks, it has no holes to mount an ordinary heatsink. even a 50mm x 50mm heatsink seems huge on it
    @scout_03, it's a stock picture
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