New System: Is The Timing Wrong?

I'm looking at replacing my now horrendously dated system (C2Duo 6700, 4gb DDR2, 260GTX GoldenSample (8800GTX died, RIP :na: ) with a brand new sparkly one.

Just wondering if its worth while switching now to for example a Radeon 6970 / 6990, i5 2500K, 8gb Dual-Chan, Z68 or P67, SSD setup or would I be much better waiting? Would really love to grab a new system for new games such as BF3 / MW3 / Skyrim / Upcoming SW:TOR but have heard rumors that Ivy bridge & Radeon 7000 series / brand new stuff is just around the corner, and not too sure how Sock 2011 & all the new wizardry will stack up if i built the system now.

Really would not like to make the same mistake i made with this current system (bought it with g80 core gpu and dual core cpu 2 months before quad core & 3 months before G92 8 series launched :na: )

Have been really out of the loop in terms of whats going on within the hardware community for the last 12 - 18 months so would really like some insight before i burn a stack of cash :/

Thanks :)
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  1. I have a friend that has a system about your vintage. He never upgraded either. Always waiting for the next new thing so he wouldn't "waste" his money on the the previous technology. He's still waiting. He sure missed out on a lot of fun gaming...
  2. The is a saying that if you wait for the next tech then you're always waiting.
    That said I'd definatly wait at least till the end of Q1 2012 if your willing, you just have to weigh up, are willing risk waiting for tech that may not arrive on time? Or are willing to build a new system that could be outdated in 3-4 months?
    sockett 2011 isn't worth buying unless you're building a server.
  3. your pc is better than my one xD just go out and buy one.
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