My ram is ddr1 is ddr2 or ddr3 compatible

my ram is ddr1 can i add ddr2 ram and my processor is core 2 duo
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  1. You cannot add DDR2 or DDR3 when your motherboard only supports only DDR memory.
    Your processor can support DDR3
  2. Since the MCH on LGA775 is in the chipset, the chipset determines what memory types are supported.

    I do not remember LGA775 boards/chipset ever supporting DDR1 but some of the last chipsets for that socket did support both DDR2 and DDR3 with some motherboards having slots for both types.

    However, even on hybrid boards, only one type of RAM can be installed at any one time due to incompatible timings and voltages.
  3. I have one board that runs an old 775 pentium 4 as the highest that runs DDR1 ive never and i mean never seen a core 2 duo run ddr1 ram
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