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Is there a powerful silent low profile video card?

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October 5, 2011 1:56:14 AM

Im in the process of getting a HTPC, wich will be mounted on a low profile case. The specs will be

i7 i7-2720QM Sandy Bridge 2.2GHz
Integrated graphics (H67)

BTW, my current gaming PC is

9800 GT

AFAIK, the 9800 GT is still better than Intels HD 3000, so It kills me that Im gonna have this amazing processor and not utilize it for gaming. So Im thinking of getting a videocard for the HTPC, and turn it to a gaming PC as well. But, since im using this on a HTPC it has to be:

-Low profile
-Silent....and by that I mean COMPLETLY SILENT, as all the fans (CPU and case) will be around 16db/18db, I dont want a videocard ruining this amazing silent build.
-Superior to Intel HD/9800 GT

Is there a video card that meet these standarts? I dont care if its phase changed cooled, I simply need to know if it exists....
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October 5, 2011 1:26:54 PM

Best I could find on Newegg is this HIS Radeon HD6570. Fanless and Low-Profile ready (includes low profile brackets).

-Wolf sends
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October 5, 2011 2:03:53 PM

Sorry to disappoint... but here's the paradox... anything that out performs a 9800GT by a worthwhile amount WILL produce more than 18DB of fan noise when gaming. Unless you have a noise reduction case ==> generally translates to poor air flow ==> GPU over heats ==> ??? ==> "giant crater when your house used to be". To avoid such a unexplainable yet logical disaster, consider the following;
While 6570 is faster than a 9800GT, it's a very poor investment imo simply because of FPS VS price ratio. There are many cards that will offers much more performance for the same amount of money. Which is why I strongly suggest you do some reconsideration and be more lenient with your decision. [i.e to get a GPU that doesn't exceed 18DB of noise when in light-use - i.e movies, basic gaming] AND your not going to notice an extra 8DB of fan noise when playing Crysis or nuking someone in Command & Conquer anyways. I can't imagine someone getting annoyed when they just nuked someone in Star Craft II because of increased fan noise.

October 5, 2011 2:33:52 PM

No noise is a much for me, and yes, I do know that what I want probably doesnt exist. Perhaps is best to keep my HTPC and gaming machine as separete machines.

Anyway, another option will be to get a external videocard thunderbolt card, when they became available. Im hopping someone will release a Thunderbolt to PCI-e adaptor.