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GTX 560 and GTX 560 TI

Hi I am looking to buy one of these, I found a GTX 560 For $175 and a 560 TI for $220. Is the $55 difference enough to warrant getting a 560 TI over the 560? How big of a difference is there between these cards?
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  1. It's a $45 difference and yes it is justifeable.The GTX560ti is an amped of version of the GTX560.But honestly $220 for a GTX560ti is really cheap and a good deal.Theirs about a 20% performance increase.
  2. Phrosty said:
    Hi I am looking to buy one of these, I found a GTX 560 For $175 and a 560 TI for $220. Is the $55 difference enough to warrant getting a 560 TI over the 560? How big of a difference is there between these cards?

    Personally, it isnt worth the $55 difference...I got a 560 non ti overclocked and the results are great...Unless thats still within your budget...If you want benchmarks and such let me know...
  3. The rest below is what I had posteed for someone else, just take a look at the links if youa re wondering in regards to the 560 non ti....


    currently have it overclocked to the following:

    960 core
    1940 shader
    2150 mem

    People say its the same card as the 460 are incorrect by a mile and a half...

    Overclocked, it performs as well as a Ti (MSI twin frozr version), take a look here

    Also, I have vids up of Bad Company 2 maxed and Crysis 2 maxed with Blackfire mod, performance is also there in video notes...
    Bad Company 2
    Crysis 2 BlackFire mod

    Pics to Benchmarks

    my specs are
    AMD Phenom X4 3.0 Deneb (stock)
    4Gigs of Ram DDR2 @800
    MSI Twin Frozr ii 560 GTX non ti

    Note that my processor is stock and im sure its taking a few frames away from me...need better cooling for it.

    At the time I got it for 180 after MIR while the cheapest ti was 220 after MIR..saved myself 40 bucks..
  4. Oops my bad I meant the GTX 560 TI I am considering is $230. So basically I'm at a choice right now where I might be able to get a GTX 460 768MB for $70, the GTX 560 for $175 and the GTX 560 TI for $230. The monitor I'll be getting supports up to 1900 x 1080p. If I got the 460 it'd be a placeholder for awhile and I'd just like to run games at med-possibly high like skyrim or diablo 3 if possible, for about a year. By then I'm sure prices of other graphics cards will go down as well...I'm not sold yet on any of these graphics cards, only my wallet would love to get away with the GTx 460 for $70 :P Also want to run with a i3 2100 CPU if that's any help in helping me make my decision.
  5. personally I vote for the single ti, (ok im biased bc of ownership :) ) overclock it to high hell amd it will basically be a gtx 570 at stock
  6. Ah okay well that crosses the 460 768 MB off the list.
  7. why a 2100? not my choice for a gaming cpu, save one more paycheck and get the 2500k or go for a 955/am3+ build with the ability to go with BD down the road. Why pay 120 bucks for a dual core!? Is a good chip but overpriced for what it is imo... in games that need a healthy quad you will be left behind with the i3... it just doesnt make sense to me to spend 120 bucks on a "placeholder" cpu
  8. Quote:
    good suggestion but what are the rest of the unit specs.?
    could need something else as well..

    True, true OP we need your full system specs to make a proper recommendation
  9. I'll post the system specs of what I want to run in a bit, I do spend a fair amount of time gaming for my hobby, I am buying a full set-up with a monitor and everything so I feel like that limits what I want to spend by a fair amount. I don't have a particular price cap it's just like I said I'm really limited on what I'd like to spend for a gaming PC.
  10. do not give best buy your money, like malmental said build one... maybe you should start a thread when you at least figure out your budget and purchase date..

    Do not buy a prebuilt, you will regret it :non:

  11. No I am building it sorry for the confusion
  12. It's in the graphics section at the top.
  13. yeah I think that one actually fits the OPs info needs quite well
  14. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within a couple weeks

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming and internet browsing

    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: I am building it so right now this is the PSU I am looking to buy.

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Case I want to use. , RAM 2x2 4gb DD3 1600: , HDD 1TB: , MOBO P67 and supports SLI: , also have a few other things in my cart like a dvd drive but that's irrelevant right now.



    OVERCLOCKING: Overclocking..Not too familiar with it though I am sure with some research I could. SLI in the future is definitely a possibility

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1900 x 1080p

    So there is pretty much what I've got so far. Any suggestions? I am undecided on the CPU and I am undecided on the GPU. Like I said there isn't a price cap, it's just I feel limited on what I want to spend on a gaming PC, I'd like to get by running most games on high in 1080p.
  15. Id get the i5 2500k with a hyper 212+ and gtx 560 sli for your setup if you have no budget restraints you should def go with 8Gigs of ram bc its so cheap these days, and maybe an SSD such as a crucial m4 for OS/boot thats my 2 cents
  16. if you want to go cheaper on the gpus im sure mal can direct you to some places where you can get a cheap pair of 460s for sli but with your expansive budget you might as well get dual Asus DC2 or MSI TF2/3 gtx 560(ti)s.

    dual 2GB 6950s would also be a valid choice but nv drivers are generally better for multi-gpu configs
  17. yeah its either that or go the am3+ route
  18. With all that I need, plus an i5 2500k and a GTX 560 TI My total is $1000, which seems really high, blah, PC's are so expensive :(
  19. So I see this and I realize you have to OC to get the real money out of it, I've never overclocked a CPU, how easy/hard is this to do? do you need extra cooling to do this?
  20. Okay, any AM3+ boards you recommend? Graphics card to run with this? I've never done a AMD set up, it's not that I am against them, I just have never used them. I'd like to see the price difference between my intel set up and the AMD set up.
  21. pay now so you dont have to pay i5 2500 (K or not) and a 560ti will future proof your pc for a few years.
  22. If all your gaming needs are RPG's and MMO's I don't think you need to much of an expansive setup.Either the i3 or the 955 will work fine either way.Personally I feel the i3 might be a little better for your needs.

    If you are seriously interested in here's a guide.

    The thing I would just like to add is that if you do intend to O.C. you will need a CPU cooler, of course,but with that NZXT case it's only 7.75 inches wide witch will be a problem for some of the larger heatsinks.The taller ones(160mm) will take up about 7.25 inches and will only leave about less than ½ an inch of clearance.It will fit but it will be very tight and possibly hitting the door.

    Something like this might be a little better but it's only if you intend to O.C.

    As for a good AM3+ mobo I would suggest this one.

    I forget if it's just the 9xx series chipsets in general that support SLI or if it's just the 990FX and FXA series that do.Will have to look into that if you decide to go with the GTX560ti or GTX560.
  23. seller417 said:
    pay now so you dont have to pay i5 2500 (K or not) and a 560ti will future proof your pc for a few years.

    firstly there is no such thing as future-proofing a single gtx 560ti will be obsolete before 3 years for gaming at 1080p sli gtx 560ti may last three years though
  24. hey i have a cm 430 elite for my backup rig too, nice case :) No ill will intended

    Oh no no no non ono! :non: :lol: :)
  25. purple stank wrote :

    As for a good AM3+ mobo I would suggest this one. [...] 6813157262


    What about a 990FX for $40-60 more which gives you dual 16x lanes so if in the future you want to add bigger cards then say a gtx 560, then you can utilize their full potential.... If I was going with cards the power of gtx 580s then personally I would want the extra bandwidth, especially when you consider oc'ing so for me the 990FX is the easy choice for the marginally small price premium imo, but for the OP it may not be... my 2 cents

    I like this board: [...] 6813128514

    this motherboard is 168 ish w shipping on newegg and the one you suggest is 118ish by comparison thats a 50 dollar difference which is imo worth it... what do you think?
  26. I figured budget was an issue that's why I chose the cheapest board that still supported at least x8/x8 SLI/Crossfire.

    If my budget was flexible I would go for it.But then again i'm not the average user such as the OP.More speed,more speed.

    Honestly though I doubt the OP will ever go with anything above a GTX560ti SLI.In fact I think this will last them awhile.The Asrock board is fine for this.You don't loose a whole lot of performance with x8 and the board still has all the best features.
  27. ^ yeah your choice makes a lot of sense, for me and for the money its 990FX though :)
  28. Yes ill probably stay with the 560 ti for atleast 2 years til I SLI them
  29. ^OP, dont worry about 990fx then...
  30. Well if you have the money you should.But if you can't afford it then don't worry about it.
  31. ^ hey malmental so what do the 990XA boards bring again? 16X8X? or does it drop down to 8x8 with both lanes populated? Not that it would matter much but im just curious
  32. ^looks like ms mental has got a pretty sick rig too! The daily driver needs another ssc+ and a BD chip :)
  33. ^ yeah agreed especially after getting my hands on the crucial m4 I can never go back to a standard HDD for boot, but I got my WDC Black 500 GB HDD for "speedy storage" such as games, music.

    If I had everything I could want it would be a 240 GB SSD but damn are they expensive and GPUs and motherboards are shiny and affordable :)

    Thats funny about Ms Mentals rig, at least she will always have a solid rig
  34. That is what I refer to my "backup" rig lol:

    Antec Earthwatts 380W PSU
    Athlon IIx2 240 (oc'ed 3.4GHZ)
    Gigabyte ma78lmt-s2
    4 GB (2X2) Kingston Hyper X
    Diamond single slot 5770
    Seagate 7200 RPM 500 GB HDD
    DVD-RW Drive
    Win 7 64
    Newer Asus 17 LED LCD monitor
    older 15" Dell LCD monitor
    10 dollar kboard, 10 dollar mouse
    several crappy 120mm fans that I hate bc of their LEDs

    pretty basic, but get the job done and is actually capable of doing some 720p gaming!

    she plays portals 2 and Civ 5 lol not very exciting :)
  35. Best answer
    purple stank said:
    It's a $45 difference and yes it is justifeable.The GTX560ti is an amped of version of the GTX560.But honestly $220 for a GTX560ti is really cheap and a good deal.Theirs about a 20% performance increase.

    Try 10% faster at stock clocks for both.

    Both will OC to about the same levels, have the same operating temps and power consumption. With an SLI board I'd save the $55 towards a second GTX 560 down the road. Would be an absolute monster system once that's in place.

    Another option if you're willing to go AMD is an HD 6870. About the same speed as a GTX 560 and they're getting pretty cheap these days ($170 before rebates, $150 after).
  36. ^ yeah I pretty much agree even though I own a ti :)
  37. getting 2 gtx 560s for 300 AR is better than gettign a ti for 220...
  38. yeah and when it comes down to it, the 6870 is not that far behind the 6950.... which imo pretty much mirrors the performance of a 560 and a 560ti
  39. Does running the 6870 matter if you're CPU/Mobo is Intel or AMD? Is there any drawback or gain to either?
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