Looking to get Windows 7 upgrade...32&64-bit problems.

We would like to get Windows 7 to upgrade our two systems that both came with Vista Home Premium. We were looking to get a family pack, but seeing as M$ has discontinued that product line, there are none of those that come in uder $220 on eBay, even. And everywhere else is sold out. So we decided it would be better to just go with two single upgrades from eBay, as together, they cost ~$150, and we only need 2.

Now for the real question. Vista on one of the computers (HP DV4) in the household is running 64-bit vista, while the Gateway (Signature) is running 32-bit. The upgrade that we found at $75 is a 64-bit upgrade disc, so I was wondering if the 64-bit upgrade would be compatible with the already installed 32-bit Vista on the Gateway?

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  1. I don't think it will be as the upgrade disks are specific to the architecture. (i think)

    Also, I really don't recommend buying software from Ebay. That just screams scam. For about $150 you can get the upgrades from www.newegg.com which is very reputable and comes highly recommended.
  2. You can't upgrade from Vista32 to Win7/64. There is a Vista64 to Win7/64 upgrade though.

    I had the same issues on my box. I bought a hew hard drive, installed it in my Vista32 box and disconnected the old Vista32 hard drive. Then I did a complete Vin7/64 install with only the brand new drive installed. After the installation completed, I reconnected the Vistat32 hard drive and set the Bios to boot from the new Win7/64 hard drive. By changing the the Bios boot sequence I can run either Vista32 or Win7/64.

    In reality once I got Win7/64 up and running I never booted the Vista32 again. You can pull all your data files over from the old hard drive to the new hard drive. I'll use the old hard drive for data backup of the Win7/64 drive.
  3. Ok, but can I use the upgrade disc to do a separate install, and then do what you did? Not using the full retail, but using the upgrade disc.
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