hey all. im selling a rarely used BFG 6800GT OC AGP 8x card. It will come in perfect condition, will original box, manuals papers, and CD. I swear by BFG and they have a lifetime warrenty on all cards so they cover it NO MATTER WHAT. I should know because they replaced my old BFG 5900 a year ago for free. This card OC's up to 415 and 1150 memory without breaking a sweat, so youre pretty much getting a 6800 Ultra card for real cheap. I am asking for $300 and that includes shipping and it sells everywhere else for around 325, so i thinks a pretty good deal. Please email me at: if you are interested. Thanks.

P.S. - i have sold things on this forum before and am an honest quick seller:)
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  1. Heh, 300$ for a 6800gt was cheap 3 months ago.
  2. You can get a Geforce 7800GT for 300 at this point, and on sale at some places for 250. Not to mention the Geforce 6800 GS which is basically as good as a 6800 runs for 200. So the most your used card is worth is 150, without shipping cost. Move along ripoff.
  3. You are a retard....

    Find me a link to a $250 7800GT

    Secondly a 6800GS is equal to a lowend 6800GT not a BFG card.

    Thirdly he said it OC's well enough to be a 6800Ultra card....

    So a price of 250 shipped would be a good deal.

    Find me a 6800Ultra or a 7800GT for under 300 shipped without some crazy rebate or scam
  4. 7800GT's are basically still a few 20's over $300 unless you do a MIR (which I never get and wouldn't bother with) where you can get it down to $299.99

    Plus shipping and tax.
  5. I figure a 7800GT is around 320(MIR) or 350-360 otherwise.

    that guy said 7800GT's could be had for 250.
  6. That price is quite high. If you decide to drop that price to something reasonable.... I'll be interested.
  7. Quote:
    $300 is way too much, you can get a X850XT or a 7800GS brand new for $300, even less. I might give you $120cdn for it.
    I can go higher then that..... but $300US is way too much.
  8. That's like $2US :)

    I'd buy it for 150.
  9. LOL! You can get a 7900gt for $309 on newegg.
  10. Based on benchmarking done by Tom's, Anandtech and Firing Squad, the 6800GS places right in between the 6800GT and 6800ULTRA, so I'd drop the price to at least $150, as that is what 6800GS cards are going for, and 7600GT cards are going for as low as $189.
    EDIT: My bad, didn't look at the post date!
  11. Quote:


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    maybe you should check the date on the original post...
  12. yeah lol i looked at the original date and laughed at all the people telling him how inexpensive it is now
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