Cannot Flash BIOS on Asus Rampage Extreme IV Motherboard

I need some help related to updating the BIOS on my Asus Rampage Extreme IV motherboard. Their web-site instructions make it seem very simple however it's been anything but for me.
I have the version that has the white USB port on the back next to the ROG Connect button (chain symbol - default seems to be light off)
Next to that is a CMOS CLR button (circular arrow- default seems to be light on).
I downloaded the latest file per the instructions, renamed it RE4.CAP and copied it to a USB stick that is FAT32, and has no partitions or other files on it. I plug it into the white port and push the ROG Connect button for 3 seconds and the light flashes a couple of times and then...nothing happens.
I also tried plugging the USB stick into a different port and trying to use the EZ Flash utility in the BIOS, but that utility does not recognize the RE4.CAP file so I can't do anything from there either.
Does anyone know what might be going on or if I'm doing something wrong?
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  1. The RE4.CAP sounds wrong. The description of the "Rampage-IV-Extreme-CAP-Converter" und BIOS-Utils says it will rename the bios to "2105.CAP"
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try. I used the renamer that downloads in the ZIP file and automatically renames it R4E.CAP (typo in my original message), and that is also shown in their table as below.

    Rename the file as below table, and then save it to the USB storage device’s root directory.

    Model name Rename the file
    Rampage IV Extreme R4E.CAP
    Rampage IV Formula R4F.CAP
    Rampage IV GENE R4G.CAP
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    *If your BIOS version is 1404 or older: Go to BIOS-Utilities to download and install the BIOS Converter utility before updating the BIOS".
    Have you tried it? And is there a reason for updating the BIOS?
    What's the BIOS version now?
  4. Thanks...I'll try that. I used the renamer utility, but not the converter utility. I have version 0604, dated 11/28/2011. I have a Maingear that is having problems getting stuck at "Starting Windows" and not recognizing drives, so the customer support rep advised updating the BIOS.
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