My compaq Q1859 lcd monitor is black and says no signal

my compaq Q1859 lcd monitor is black and says no signal. It was working fine then just went black on me. I have unhooked and rehooked in everything. I have no idea what to do. I was thinking maybe i need a new cable cord. I just need some advice! Thanks bunches xo :)
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  1. Unlikely the cable is the problem. Only maybe when it's moved and something broke off or got stuck between something while you were working with it. Otherwise cables don't just get old and stop working.
    Sounds more like a gpu problem.
    Can't you borrow a gpu or a monitor to see if the problem is still there.
    When you boot you hear everything starting up right ?
  2. Yes, everything starts up fine. I just don't understand. I have another monitor i'm using now but is old and i want my 18.5 inches back lol just bought a new cable from amazon. I will try the new cable and see. Thank you for responding. Oh yea whats a gpu? lol
  3. graphics processing unit, your video card. But thats obviously ok then.
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